A scream in the night

I think about that little girl a lot.

It all started on a dark, stormy night one month ago.

I had ignored the persistent, irritating knocking at the gate, but sat up abruptly as screams shattered the night five minutes later. A quick glance at my phone showed 9.45pm.

I muted the news on television and walked swiftly to the small window at the end of the corridor that overlooked the courtyard at the back of our compound. Cautiously lifting the latch, I peered out into the night. Continue reading


Hello World!

“I think, therefore I am” – René Descartes

Welcome to my random musings about all the things that make up life. I am not clever with words like my favourite blogger Jackson Biko. Neither do I have a knack for creating controversy like Oyunga Pala who I admire a great deal. I just strive to say what’s in my heart. This is a journey without a known destination. But I’m determined to enjoy the ride wherever it leads. You’re welcome to join me.