Why I write

I am deeply angry as I write this. I have been angry for weeks because so many things are not working out the way I expected. Authoring three books and still not seeing light at the end of the tunnel will do that to a person.

Expectations. Now there is a recipe for frustration. But I have learnt that I can get through anything as long as I am writing, particularly fiction.

I wrote my first book while working full time jobs. Even when I was really unhappy in a job or had had a bad day, once I got home and started writing, everything faded away. Continue reading


My Dear Kenyans

It’s that time again when politicians come begging for your vote. This letter is not meant to tell you who the best candidate is or who has the best manifesto.

It’s about what truly matters in life.

What do you really care about? I’m betting you’ll say your family, friends and doing the best you can with whatever skills and talents God gave you.

Elections come and go. Politicians come and go. But when you’re really in trouble, it’s that neighbour that you count on to help – the one Mr Politician is telling you is your enemy, responsible for all the crappy things that have happened to you. Continue reading