Relationship minefield

In this article, Chris Hart, one of my favourite columnists explains why relationships are such a minefield. Seems men and women are genetically programmed to approach love and sex differently no matter their age.

He says that when it comes to sex men just need an opportunity! Women on the other hand need a reason. “For them, psychological feelings such as trust, closeness and happiness must be right first.

“Not only that, but society somehow approves when men want lots of sex. And subtly discourages women. So is it any wonder men and women’s desires don’t match? A man’s whole chemistry is geared towards having sex. Often. Whenever opportunity presents itself. But women’s brains are programmed to first find the right man! One who’ll make a commitment to helping her rear the children. Who has the right genes and the ability to provide support.”

Why is that? Nature having the last laugh? Whichever way you look at it, God has a lot of explaining to do. My own thoughts on this subject are in the first part of this article which I wrote some time back.