Self publishing is more profitable for writers says Ng’ang’a Mbugua

Ng’ang’a Mbugua, author of the award winning Terrorists of the Aberdare, talks about his journey into self publishing after being let down by traditional publishers. He also sheds light on how self published authors in Kenya finance, promote and distribute their books. Continue reading


To self publish or not? Advice from a traditional publisher

John Mwazemba, former CEO of Phoenix Publishers Ltd argues that traditional publishing is still the best option for most writers. He offers tips on the best genres for self publishing for writers determined to go down this path. Continue reading

Why Lawrence Mute opted to self publish his poems

“I started writing poetry in my late teens. I have sent manuscripts to publishers for years and have never received a response. Over time I wondered: Is it that my writing is not good enough to get published? Or is it that they (publishers) don’t care to look at it?”

Wanjiru speaks to Lawrence Mute, about his journey to self publishing his collection of poems titled Under the Rubble Lies My Love. Continue reading