Sage launch photos

Finally getting round to post pictures of the launch 6 weeks after the event! Sigh. Although I did share some on our instagram page ealier. Anyway so here goes:

The setup at PrideInn. Looking good!


MaryG, my fellow director at Sage with hubby Felix Lati of Lexicon+ion. He’s been a huge help in this whole process. Thanks Lati!


Rita Ndege, our advertising sales executive waiting patiently for the event to begin. She’s a really hard worker! Welcome to the team Rita.


My BFF Wangui Maina. Worked with her at Business Daily. Now she’s doing communications at Redhouse Group. Loved the outfit Kui!


I’ve known Marisella Ouma since primary school. She’s now an intellectual property consultant and will be a Sage contributor starting with the December issue. Oh, and she has a doctorate. Welcome to the team Dr Ouma!


Lovely couple. Known them for years. Michael Muturi former CEO of Sameer and Rebecca Karanja, former headmistress at Alliance Girls High School. So honoured to have you grace our function. Did I mention Rebecca is writing a book? Can’t wait to read it.


Another lovely couple, Wanja and Andrew Waiyaki. Wanja is my second mum. She represents mum at all traditional ceremonies and weddings for the Waithaka gals. Thanks for coming. It was a pleasure as always.


Christine Maina, featured in the launch issue. Love the dress.


The book corner by East African Educational Publishers (Eaep). You didn’t really expect me to have a launch and not sell some books did ya?


James Wangombe, HR & Finance Director at SBO Research who is featured in our launch issue. Wonder if he actually picked a title or he’s just killing time… Hmmmmm. He drove all the way from Nyeri to make the function. Thanks Wangombe!


Vox Africa band kept the crowd entertained. These guys are good. Book them for your next gig!


The MC also kept us in stitches. You did a fab job Peter Brooks! His day job is Head of Issuing: Card Business at KCB Bank Ltd. Goodness, what a mouthful. Sounds like an important fella!


This one made the Daily Nation! Mum (Margaret Waithaka, former manager at Standard Chartered) almost fainted. She’s the one wearing the beautiful head wrap. Her namesake Margaret Gathoni, a student at Strathmore University, is on the left. Compared to these two beautiful ladies…what am I wearing jameni? A sweater! Seriously? But in my defence, it was a pretty cold evening…


The food must have been great going by these generous servings…


My sis Agnes Nganga of Premier Academy and hubby Joseph Ngige, Sales Manager, CIC Insurance Group. These two have always been my rock. Thanks for the support guys!


The baby in the family Ronni Waithaka (also a Sage columnist) with hubby Tony Kisaka of Vodacom. Couldn’t have done it without you guys! You inspire me every day. Ronni is a talented life and motivation coach. Check out her blog here.


Ronni of course brought her posse. L-R: Christine Sogomo of Safaricom, Ronni, Carol Karanja of Intercontinental Hotel, Sylvia Karanja of Safaricom & Sarah Mbuthia of Safaricom. Wonderful gals, all of them. Loved having you there!


L-R: Carol Karanja of Intercontinental Hotel, Sarah Wambui, hair & beauty consultant & Margaret Gathoni of Strathmore University eyeing the yummy food…


Sharing a joke with my cousin James Karanja. Notice he’s the only one eating? I was too nervous about the speech I had to make to eat!


Trying to gather my thoughts as the big moment looms… Maybe I should have tried taking a sip of Karanja’s Guinness to calm my nerves…


Finally…time to make the presentation. In the ensuing confusion, can’t find it…So Philip Kisaka of Ivory Media has to help me trace it on my own laptop! MC meanwhile tries to distract the crowd while Fredrick Omondi keeps snapping away…


I get through the speech somehow…Keep wondering what I’m doing up here. We live in a world where scientists have put a man on the moon, discovered cures for dangerous diseases and invented weapons of mass destruction that can vaporize the planet in an hour… and introverts still have to make speeches in 2016? What cruelty is this?


It’s done! Unveiling Sage magazine


Linda Kimaru enjoying the magazine…


Ronni Waithaka, Sage columnist is saying something but no one is listening. They’re too engrossed in the mag…


Robert Ngaari, a good friend from Business Daily also seems to like it…that hat is dope


Conferring with Anita Murage of Ivory Media, which was handling our social media. You guys did a fab job thanks!


Signing my book, A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs, for my favourite author Onduko Bw’atebe, winner Wahome Mutahi inaugural Prize for Literature for his book Verdict of Death. You have to read this book! Order it right now from Magunga Books. They deliver to your doorstep!


More wonderful friends at the launch. L-R: Mwende Mutinda, Mutheu Mwaniki & Samantha Mwikali Muna of Trianum Hospitality. Mwende has been my BFF since we were in Form 1 at Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta


It’s been an exhausting but wonderful evening. One more family pic before we call it a night!


And finally…I have no idea who these beautiful ladies are but thanks for coming! And to all who came but are not represented here, we loved having you. Pics too many to post all. Be Blessed, each and every one of you.


Thanks Fred for all the wonderful pics!!



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