A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs

This book profiles a dozen of Kenya’s most successful entrepreneurs across a variety of industries – manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, ICT, retail, media, and entertainment to name a few.

It is a collection that proves that when there is money to be made, you cannot beat a good entrepreneur no matter how deprived his or her background.


Be inspired by stories that illustrate the triumph of hope over means and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Find out how they got to where they are, the pitfalls and challenges along the way and how they made and lost millions. Through their eyes you’ll get a fascinating glimpse into Kenya’s history and the events that shaped business in the colonial, pre and post independence period.

From the building of the Kenya-Uganda railway, state of emergency in 1952 and crackdown on Mau Mau fighters, the coffee boom and policy of Africanisation in the 70s, to the political corruption in the 80s and decline of the Kenyan economy in the 90s, in the first book of its kind, Kenyan entrepreneurs tell it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

And best of all, a section on tips for aspiring entrepreneurs where they tell you how to achieve their level of success. This is a book you won’t want to put down.

Where to get it:

Text Book Centre: Has outlets countrywide. You can also order online from their website or Twitter handle (@TextBookCentreL) and they deliver to your home/office.

Prestige Booksellers: Located on Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi. Also accepts online orders with home/office delivery.

Bookstop – Yaya Centre

Price: Ksh1,500

For people in the diaspora order it from Amazon or African Books Collective which prints on demand and ships worldwide within 2 days. Click here to order it.

Entrepreneurs featured in the book

Selection criteria


Read an Excerpt


20 thoughts on “A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs

  1. In Malawi, I wish to access the book A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs. I dont have credit card so as to access e-book. What can I do? Please help. I am studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


  2. Hi I really enjoyed the story which you wrote about Nelson Muguku Njoroge very inspiring. Now I would like to get your book”Profile of Kenyan entrepreneurs” but the problem is that I am based in Johannesburg, South Affrica is there anyway I can get it whilr I am down here ??? I would really appreciate it.


  3. Wanjiru, my family enjoyed the excepts from this book and would like to purchase it. Do you have an on line version that we could purchase? Can’t really go to the bookstore as we live in the US. Thank you kindly.


    • Hi James,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. We don’t yet have an ebook. Will put you in touch with my publisher who will advise on where to get it abroad. Check your email.


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