The Unbroken Spirit


An abominable crime has been committed but powerful unseen forces have conspired to thwart justice.

A woman left with no options seeks the ultimate revenge as the battle between good and evil turns to war.

A desperate race against time through the streets of Nairobi to avert another tragedy that will consume them all.

Can she be stopped in time…or is it already too late?

Third prize winner, adult fiction, Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature (2007), Kenya’s biggest literary award.



Read Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Order the book online at: Rugano Books, Text Book Centre or Prestige Booksellers who will deliver to your home or office.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. GeorgeMariasNguva says:

    Hello, i fell in love with your ” The Unbroken spirit” just got myself a copy from Text Book Centre. I concur with your approach to feminism issues. It’s really “feminism redefined”


  2. F. Biko says:

    duel in the savannah, I love it. you’re a gem.


  3. kennedy says:

    Hi there,just finished reading,duel in the savanna,its thrilling and interesting.I really want to read ,The unbroken spirit, but apparently there is no download link.I live far from the city so to access hard copies is hard for me.I would really appreciate if you sent me copy to my mail.I know am asking a lot but please.I really need it.


    1. Wanjiru says:

      Wow Kennedy, that is asking a lot. Glad you liked Duel in the Savanna but can’t keep giving away all my books free. Writers too have to eat, no? Merry Christmas!

      Liked by 1 person

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