With its strong focus on templates for wealth creation, A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs does a better job of interrogating questions of inherited privilege and succession planning. It interrogates failure as much as it documents success. Each one of the 13 entrepreneurs profiled narrates a humbling debacle. And they all provide useful lessons on innovation and self-actualisation.

Dr Joyce Nyairo, a cultural analyst and academic, writing in the Daily Nation (click here to read the full article: Nation review)


A Profile of Kenyan Entrepreneurs mercifully spares the reader stifling jargon and daunting statistics.  In fact, the profiles are almost biographical. This style, coupled with the aptness of the advice and the many anecdotes that readers can identify with, are the book’s strongest points.

The Standard (read the full review here)


The plot and themes cited are appropriate and well developed. Characters are credible and also well developed. The Reader has adopted a creative style in its presentation.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) which vets and approves the curricular and curriculum support materials for basic and tertiary education in Kenya.


Where to get it:

Text Book Centre outlets countrywide
Prestige Booksellers – Mama Ngina Street
Bookstop – Yaya Centre

Price: Ksh1,500

For people in the diaspora order it from Amazon or African Books Collective which prints on demand and ships worldwide within 2 days. Click here:

Featured entrepreneurs

Selection criteria

Read an Excerpt


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